Ellie King Photography

What should I wear?

Clothing is an important aspect of the photo but it is not the photo itself. In other words, the goal is to capture the person, not the outfit. When doing group or family shots it's best to all be on the same page. Decide on whether you want dressy or casual. Choose a general color scheme or tone. Stay away from busy patterns and leave the character shirts and big logos at home. Don't be afraid of color! There has to be more in your closet than khakis and white shirts. Bring some fun accessories that show off your personality, scarves, sunglasses, hats etc. Get creative and have fun with it. And if you're just not sure, bring it all with you and we can put things together on site. 

Maternity Photos?

Below are just some suggestions on what to wear and how to prepare for your session.

-To avoid elastic/clothing marks, wear loose-fitting clothing if you plan on showing your bare belly.
-Moisturize knees, elbows and belly at least one hour before your photo shoot. This helps to give your skin a more matte finish and reduces glare/shine.
-You might want to get a manicure or just paint your nails for a more polished look for close up shots of your hands and belly. If you plan on being barefoot, do the same with your toes.
-Try to remember to remove any tight-fitting clothing and accessories that will not be remaining in the photos at least two hours prior to your session so as to not leave marks/indentations on your skin.
-Bring along any special baby things that you might want to include in the photos (booties, stuffed toys, blankets etc...)

As far as what to wear, below are some simple suggestions/guidelines:


-Solid colors work best and draw attention to you belly's shape and your expression. Avoid large patterns, ie: florals, plaids, stripes, swirls, as they tend to be distracting.
-Black is a fail-proof color and will give you a slim silhouette.
-Try to go for more form fitting clothes with stretch that will compliment your figure.
-Short sleeves tend to give a photo a choppy look, so try to stick with full length sleeves, tanks/spaghetti straps or sleeveless.
-Empire-waist blouses and dresses, button-up shirts, tank tops, long drawstring skirts and tie dresses can really enhance your blossoming shape.
-Dark jeans (avoid maternity jeans if possible) and black tapering yoga pants give your legs a long and slimming look.
-A colorful scarf, bright hair clip, or a chunky piece of jewelry can add fun splashes of color and help to personalize your photos.

(None of the suggestions above are requirements, they are merely suggestions. Ultimately, wear things that are comfortable and choose items that make you feel beautiful. The key to "being" beautiful is "feeling" beautiful!)